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For Such A Time As This . . .

A couple of thousand years ago the days were dark, and wickedness had prevailed upon the land largely due to aberrant teaching and a lack of consecration to God on the part of the priests:   1 Samuel 2:12   Now the sons of Eli were corrupt; they did not know the LORD.  The problem was, that even though Eli was a priest himself, his heart grew complacent and lackadaisical and the Word of God no longer was viewed as the Authority.  What was the result of this attitude?  It was passed down to his children and they would eventually grow up with a greater contempt towards God than their father.  But, as He often did in Israel’s history, God began to solve the problem by sending  . . . A baby!  Think of Moses, and John the Baptist, not to mention Jesus!  Bible Commentator Warren Wiersbe said it well when he penned, “Babies are God’s announcement that He knows the need, cares about His people, and is at work on their behalf.  The arrival of a baby ushers in new life and a new beginning; babies …

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